Canada’s Decison Maker

Harper's Gut: Out to get informed...

Kill the registry…. I hear ya, I hear ya…

Harper's Gut and Tory Kory Teneycke

The first rumblings of “Fox News North”

Harper's Gut: Ooooh Airplanes!

Gotta good feeling about this one!

Harper's Gut and Bonhomme

Yeah, we can do a stadium…

Harper's Gut Up North

Warm and toasty for my $1,000,0000 photo op.

Harper's Gut Talking Census with Clement

More espensive, less accurate? Sits well with me…

Harper's Gut and Mike Duffy

What you doing after the show? Wanna be a Senator? I’ve gotta good feeling about you…

Harper's Gut vs Peter Mansbridge

Numbers? Numbers? I don’t need no stinkin’ numbers!!!

Harper's Gut at the Stampede

Long form dead. Registry almost gone. All kinda goodies sneaked into the budget. Time to relax after a job well done.

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