Is Harper’s Gut really Mr. Potato Head?

Harpers Gut

There’s been a lot of talk about Tory conspiracies lately. The Tories and the NRA trying to kill the gun registry, the Tories trying to create voter apathy to mantain their hold on power, the Tories trying to start Fox News North to spread their propaganda.

But as yet unreported, (can you believe it!): Is Harper’s Gut, Stephen Harper’s closest advisor, in fact, Mr. Potato Head? You be the judge.

Mr. Potato Head

Step #1: Rotate Stephen Harper’s gut and adjust size to match.

Harpers Gut Crop and Rotate

Step #2: Add face parts and hat.

Harpers Gut add face parts

Step #3: Add arms and feet.

Harpers Gut - Add arms and legs

Step #4: Remove chest and jacket.

Harpers Gut Remove Chest and Jacket

Step #5: Remove shirt and adjust colour.

Harpers Gut - Remove Shirt

The similarity is striking. Could this be the face behind the Conservative Party of Canada?

Freedom. Faith. Family….. Fries?

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